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What We Offer

For ease of viewing and sending to experts we provide a digital version of all medical records. Here are just a few of the highlights of our medical records pagination service:

sorting and indexing

Sorting and Indexing

We sort any medical records into a coherent chronological bundle, providing an index that allows for easy viewing of the records by experts and clinical negligence solicitors. We can also provide bespoke numbering and indexing if required.



Each page of the medical records is given a page number to allow for quick indexing, reviewing, and referencing for reports.


We provide chronology reports outlining the medical events in question according to your instructions. Our staff’s extensive expertise ensures significant details from the medical records will be highlighted.

calendar schedule

Radiology Schedules

Whether you require radiology schedules based on medical records in order to request imaging, or if you require radiology schedules based on imaging provided, our expert nurses are able to ascertain whether specific imaging might be relevant for a case.

highlight missing records

Highlighting of Missing Records

With 60 years of combined nursing experience and several years’ experience in sorting and collating medical records to assist clinical negligence solicitors, our staff are highly trained at detecting and noting any pertinent medical records that might be missing from a bundle.

summary of reports

Summary and Detailed Reports

After all the medical records are sorted and paginated, we are, if required, able to analyse the records and prepare summary and detailed reports, depending on instructions and requirements of the clinical negligence or personal injury case. Our reports highlight any inconsistencies, treatments or other relevant information in the medical records that might be essential to a case.

digital records

Digital Records

We provide a scanned copy of the paginated medical records in an interactive format. The PDF eBook includes the index and scanned and paginated records, allowing for easy digital review, mark-up and sending on any device.
Alarm Clock

Guaranteed Deadlines

Harley Street Pagination provides the following guaranteed deadlines for our medical records pagination service;
  • Up to 3 lever arch files – 10 working days
  • 4 to 6 lever arch files – 15 working days
  • 7 + lever arch files – duration to be negotiated, please contact us to guarantee a return date
*one lever arch file is estimated to include 400 pages.