Data Protection
& Portal Information

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Once we have completed a pagination we are able to digitalise the records onto an interactive PDF whilst also uploading the records onto our secure online portal for your ease of use and access. These details can also be shared with your experts to provide the same service at no extra cost.

HSP have invested heavily in providing leading edge security for both our physical and digital environment.

Only two people in our organisation have access to our data storage and secure online portal giving optimal security and protection.

Protected Data Transfer

All confidential data transferred between you and QNAP Cloud are authenticated and encrypted. The QNAP Cloud API uses HTTPS (HTTP over TLS), which is adopted as the standard for online transactions and banking. It provides authentication and protection against eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery of messages.

Protected Data Storage

QNAP Cloud data storage is protected by multiple layers of security in world-class data centres. Access to the data is restricted and logged for anomaly detection and auditing. Data is encrypted before being saved to the storage media, while encryption keys are stored and managed on separate media.


Your account and device data can only be accessed after you authenticate your QNAP Account (QID). Your QID is further protected by two-factor authentication, which offers an extra layer of security to ensure that you are the only person who can access your account, even if someone guesses your password. In addition, your QID login password will never be stored on any device. Moreover, you can always revoke access rights granted to any device.

World Class Operation

We run QNAP Cloud services on world-class data centres that provide excellent network connectivity and robust facilities. The services are hosted on redundant servers with the scale-out capability. Important data is replicated in real-time and periodically backed up. We also deploy continuous service monitoring and log analysis systems, and so, any service degradation can be detected and recovered in a timely fashion.

Security Counsellor

With elevated security threats spreading over the Internet, the Security counsellor checks for weaknesses and offers recommendations to secure your data against multiple attack methods. Security counsellor also integrates anti-virus and anti-malware software to ensure the complete protection of your QNAP NAS. With these features, Security counsellor helps secure your NAS and gives you extra peace of mind.

HSP takes care of the requirement for our clients to keep an archive of medical records and radiology.  All records are stored securely in house.