Our Team

Highly Qualified Medical Professionals

All our staff are all highly qualified medical professionals having previously worked with in all aspects of the medical profession and have had many years of experience in the sorting and pagination business, making us the one stop shop for all your pagination needs.

We provide bespoke sorting, pagination and collation services to our customers, including sorting and indexing, pagination, chronologies, radiology schedules, summary and detailed reports. All of which are then digitalised and downloaded to our secure online portal for your ease of use and viewing.

We are also ARAG’s and Temple Insurance’s approved paginator meaning if you have a policy with any of these ATE Insurers within your policy our fees will automatically be covered for any lost cases. Markel Insurance (formally Abbey Legal) are also prepared to work on the same basis. If not it’s not a problem but it is an added benefit.

We have worked alongside other insurers on the same basis so please inform us of who you are using to see if this can be of benefit.

Our staff are highly qualified nurses and medical professionals who have assisted in cases involving birth injury, orthopaedics, nursing home negligence, and car accidents, to name only a few. Our experienced medical records pagination team is here to provide a tailored service to assist with any clinical negligence or personal injury cases.